litigation document productions

Electronic Document Services

Leveraging technology is the foundation for our excellence in providing customers with results, quickly and accurately. We realize the enormous amounts of applications in use for litigation support, as well as the multitude of file types that need to be analyzed – Rest assured that we have the latest technologies and expertise to deliver the best results for your E-Discovery Projects.


Electronic Data Analysis & Cost Assessment   Detailed & Accurate Report Estimating
  • File Types
  • Number of Pages
  • Size and Color
  • Processing time and costs

Native File Services  
  • File conversions from native files such as Microsoft Applications, .PST files, Lotus and others to .TIFF and .PDF
  • Meta Data Extraction & Coding Services

Electronic Numbering &
Electronic Re-Numbering Services
  • Number burned into the image or the images electronically named sequentially or both
  • Re-numbering of existing *.tiff and *.pdf file databases to client specifications.

OCR Services  
  • Output is *.txt or *.multi-page *.txt and searchable as you require

Loadfile Output Services  
  • Concordance, Summation, Trial Director, Introspect, Doculex, Ipro, etc.
  • No Extra charge

Production to CD-R & DVD  
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Disk Labeling
  • Quick and Accurate Duplication Services
  • Export to CD, DVD, Harddrive and secure FTP site

Project Storage Services  
  • No extra charge for up to 4 months should you need extra documents printed out or added to
  • Secure

Indexing Services  
  • Perform indexing of documents for litigation management software products
  • Create loadfiles with clipping, stapling and binding notations to facilitate the discovery process depending on the requirements of your litigation software
  • Control numbering and bookmarking

Data to Print Services  
  • Print out of all Office and many other file types, including *.pst files (Outlook inboxes)
  • Print out of CONCORDANCE, IPRO and many other databases with colored inserts and stapling. “Intelligent” printing of data – your spreadsheets will be printed in the most compact and easy to read format possible, not 300 (or 3,000) pages of information you need to paste together to comprehend the document
  • Digital Blow-Back print out in color or black and white, standard or oversized

Data Collection Services  
  • Computer Forensics
  • Upload files through our secure FTP Server
  • We can analyze and review sensitive original portable media sources (thumb drives, external hard drives, disks, etc.) while maintaining chain of custody and data integrity to produce the files you need, quickly and accurately.