litigation document productions


LDP offers scanning services for your big or small project with a simple pricing model that will please your paralegal staff with its quality and your clients with the price.

  • We Scan to disk with *.tiff, multi-page *.tiff, and *.pdf output options.
  • We offer Electronic Bates numbering and electronic re-numbering services for your scanned images. We can offer the number burned into the image or the images electronically named sequentially or both. Apply Bates (sequential) numbering systems to scanned pages with confidentiality designations as directed.
  • Re-numbering of existing *.tiff and *.pdf file databases to client specifications.
  • We OCR your projects upon your request with a state of the art OCR engine – output is *.txt or *.multi-page *.txt as you require.
  • We offer output to many Loadfile types such as Concordance, Summation, Trial Director, Introspect, Doculex, Ipro, etc.
  • We can burn your CD or DVD with the peace of mind that we have tested each CD or DVD against the original. CD and DVD duplication with CD labels created to you, our customer’s requirements.
  • We can store your ongoing projects on our database – at no extra charge for up to 6 months should you need extra documents printed out, modified or added to. This is particularly handy when you are creating a large body of exhibits and need them produced to you in different formats or need subsets produced. An Example might be needing each exhibit on a disk as a *.pdf and then needing the whole group Bates numbered and then produced as single page *.tiff images with loadfiles for Introspect or another party. We do, however, reserve the right to archive your project to save space and the only difference is it will take lead time to re-access the data.
  • Perform indexing of documents for litigation management software products.
  • We create loadfiles with clipping, stapling and binding notations to facilitate the discovery process depending on the requirements of your litigation software.
  • Print out of all Office and many other file types, including *.pst files (Outlook inboxes).
  • Print out of CONCORDANCE, IPRO and many other databases with colored inserts and stapling.
  • “Intelligent” printing of data – your spreadsheets will be printed in the most compact and easy to read format possible, not 300 (or 3,000) pages of information you need to paste together to make sense.
  • Digital print out in color or black and white, standard or oversized.
  • Secure data facility – commercial grade firewall with built in fail-safes. No data is ever compromised.
  • High-speed digital printout of your files to meet the demands of your time sensitive project.